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I have to mention to my success indeed with my home Glass Cube on Boutique Homes' vacation home rental ... massive page views and inquiries ... a surprise to us, happy to work with you ... never expected it ... impact!!!!!!! I like the clients Boutique Homes has sent me... all super nice people. ‘Creative professionals’ ... more sophisticated than the folks from other sites. I have started to use you guys for my own travel needs n finding the best vacation homes for rent, just too busy with all my projects ...

Arnold Arrssen | homeowner of Glass Cube | architect | Silves, Portugal

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Amazing website - haven't found another one like it in searching for short term vacation home rentals. I keep coming back to Boutique Homes because they offer a very comprehensive selection of places to stay, very personal service and all this without any commission. Can’t get any better.

Marina South | family vacation traveler | fashion designer | London, UK

Love your site

It was a pleasure to work with the Boutique Homes team to make my trip to Los Angeles work. You found and recommended the perfect luxury boutique hotel for my stay. I love all the properties on your site and now, that I consider to offer my own apartment with you, I also get to know your attention to details and your overall customer service behind the scene.

Angelika Taschen | extended stay traveler | book publisher | Berlin, Germany

Very good customer service

I was impressed right away with my Boutique Homes experience. Matt was extremely helpful and informative, I was walked through the entire process, and the transaction was seamless. Based on the level of customer service I received, I have no doubt that this will be my go-to site, both for the unique properties they represent and for the level of service I received. Not to mention their vacation home rental prices are very fair!

Shamaa von Spindler | weekend getaway traveler | photographer | Los Angeles, CA

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and guided us to very special places we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. Thank you!!! And all this for free to us travelers. Can't imagine looking for the perfect place for a vacation home to rent anywhere else.

Walton Goggins | vacation traveler | actor | Los Angeles, CA
 Here's a picture of a beautiful Bauhaus vacation villa in the Canary Islands, where the resident palm tree just looks better. What you can't see is that Villa La Palma comes with a kitchen garden that will not slow down your ongoing smoothie addiction, and that you'll have to like stuff like soaking in long baths facing ocean vistas beside a crackling almond wood fire. Depending on the season, of course. You've been warned.  Los Cabos Modern in Baja, Mexico: The house on the magazine cover that you can finally stay in. The view is not too shabby either. That is, if you're into blue and white, serenity, and breathtaking sea views.
 Fall asleep under a book after lunch in Harbor Cottage, Martinsville, Maine. Then head out to catch some seabass, launch a kayak off the front lawn, or lay on a rock basking in the last rays of the sun. This bright and breezy all-American cottage with its accompanying guest house is perfect for one of those long-overdue family holidays where everyone has something to do and meals are mirthful and plenty.  Still harboring dreams of swimming to the sound of crickets, rustic meals in a cottage with bon vivants, and wine-tasting tours on (gasp!) scooters? Tell it all to Maison Vic in Assignan, Languedoc-Roussillon. Only in France!
 Imagine a train station dotted with designer furniture, a fabulous kitchen, and a gorgeous bathtub to soak in, where rooms are spacious and beds are inviting and the train never comes. That's The Train Station in Bioul, Belgium. Ideal for those who don't have a train to catch. .  Do you tire all your friends with incessant talk of furniture and design? Then this one's for you! Aptly-named Design Apartment in the historic center of Ghent, Belgium is a triplex of perfectly-balanced sobriety and playfulness, and offers a rotating selection of vintage and designer furniture available for sale should you want to go home with any or all of them. Don't be shy now.
 Villa Slow in Cantabria, Spain, is nestled within the Valles Pasiegos Nature Park with peaceful views all around. Its wholesome architectural confection is comparable to a bowl of homemade granola: Full of natural goodness, and assembled with love. This homestead ruin was restored by reusing old stones and materials from the region, and features only the most energy efficient devices.  The mid-century nook you'll chill out in while getting your Queen Bey on at Chez Georges. This massive villa in Rio de Janeiro features a state-of-the-art recording studio below its pool (where else?).
 Once upon a time there was a cluster of ancient watermills called Casas Caiadas in Évora, Portugal that fell on the eyes of a passionate couple from Lisbon and a very talented architect. They blew new life into its old stone walls, restored its tired form, and adorned its interiors with welcoming touches of softness and light. And this little Alentejo gem was named “Most Tasteful Renovation” in Monocle’s Travel Top 50 Awards for 2017.  Everything tastes better on vacation, especially when you're in a gorgeous little seaside home like Hellum House in Larvik, Norway. Designed by Ulrik Hellum himself, loved for his talent for architecture that integrates perfectly into its environment, what better way to explore the Scandinavian way of life? This light-filled space is a perfect little haven all year round, with its breezy terraces for the warmer months and hygge-ready wood burning stove for the winter months.
 Steps from the broad strokes of Normandy's windswept coast, Vauville House is bathed in the fabled light of northern France that streams in quietly and lodges itself inside you. An ideal escape for painters, writers, slow-life explorers, and overthinkers.  Sit back and drink in the 360-degree view at Pyrgos Villa in Santorini, Greece while congratulating yourself for leaving your phone in your gorgeous living room that looks like one of those sexy lounge music album covers (in a good way).
 Two words: Great lawn. Walk barefoot in the grass to better admire this award-winning modern-day Mayan mansion in Merida, Mexico. Villa Yucatan is steeped in history and architectural wisdom, a delicate dance of openness and intimacy. We love its quiet waters and staircases that lead to the sky.  Cruz Alba's minimalist blocks appear to be placed on a hillside by the careful hands of an astute extraterrestrial, and yet its living spaces speak of an intimate knowledge of Earth-living: washes of light, the relief of shadows, the long breath of space, the lullaby of waters, and comforting crevices. This cool escape is in Melides, Alentejo, just over an hour from Lisbon, and comes with a kid's room fitted with bunk beads that the little ones will happily wrestle for upon arrival.
 If your idea of a vacation is clothes that billow, imbibing yourself in precious oils, and languishing on a terrace that throws Mapplethorpe-esque shadows, then Grace Bay Villa is for you. This luxurious holiday home in Turks & Caicos feels like your own personal resort, seducing you with its soaring ceilings and its yin and yang of cool concrete with warm wood elements. Whenever you feel like a wander, Grace Beach and its local bars and restaurants are two minutes away. Private chef and massage therapist optional ;)  Orient House in Mallorca, Spain, also known as that summer of long meals and starry nights on the deck, barefoot and sunkissed.
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