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Impressed ...

I have to mention to my success indeed with my home Glass Cube on Boutique Homes' vacation home rental ... massive page views and inquiries ... a surprise to us, happy to work with you ... never expected it ... impact!!!!!!! I like the clients Boutique Homes has sent me... all super nice people. ‘Creative professionals’ ... more sophisticated than the folks from other sites. I have started to use you guys for my own travel needs n finding the best vacation homes for rent, just too busy with all my projects ...

Arnold Arrssen | homeowner of Glass Cube | architect | Silves, Portugal

I keep coming back ...

Amazing website - haven't found another one like it in searching for short term vacation home rentals. I keep coming back to Boutique Homes because they offer a very comprehensive selection of places to stay, very personal service and all this without any commission. Can’t get any better.

Marina South | family vacation traveler | fashion designer | London, UK

Love your site

It was a pleasure to work with the Boutique Homes team to make my trip to Los Angeles work. You found and recommended the perfect luxury boutique hotel for my stay. I love all the properties on your site and now, that I consider to offer my own apartment with you, I also get to know your attention to details and your overall customer service behind the scene.

Angelika Taschen | extended stay traveler | book publisher | Berlin, Germany

Very good customer service

I was impressed right away with my Boutique Homes experience. Matt was extremely helpful and informative, I was walked through the entire process, and the transaction was seamless. Based on the level of customer service I received, I have no doubt that this will be my go-to site, both for the unique properties they represent and for the level of service I received. Not to mention their vacation home rental prices are very fair!

Shamaa von Spindler | weekend getaway traveler | photographer | Los Angeles, CA

You did the legwork for us .....

and guided us to very special places we probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. Thank you!!! And all this for free to us travelers. Can't imagine looking for the perfect place for a vacation home to rent anywhere else.

Walton Goggins | vacation traveler | actor | Los Angeles, CA
 Eventually everything connects. Photo @laura_austin  Just landed out of nowhere.... Can't get any more secluded. This vacation home is a must destination. Where is it? Check the link in our bio.....
 Great vacation places come in all shapes and sizes. Organic meets modern. El Caracol is placed in a well chosen spot in the Catalonian countryside with great views, ok, we are taken.  This backyard oasis we found in Merida, Yucatan. We like Merida very much, very picturesque and lots of Mayan history. This is the place, to stay, Meson San Sebastian, if you plan a culture trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.
 Our new glamping spot in Topanga, California. A true indoor/outdoor experience.  A dramatic landscape and a great pool. It’s an experience to stay at the Meztitla Modern Home in Tepoztlan, Mexico.
 This is the ‘Enough House’ in Nova Scotia. ’Enough’ in terms of just enough space you need to enjoy your family vacation. Other then that, we never can get 'enough' of this type of cool designs.  Let's start this Monday this way. A cup of tea and a great view. We are at the Casa Grande at Verana, Mexico. The handmade Hotel. #verana #veranayelapa #puertovallarta #boutiquehotelsmexico #mexicoboutiquehotels #travelmexico #hotelesboutique #junglefever #morningviews #morningmotivation #mondayvibes #coffeetime #travelmore #travelbydesign
 We love kids ! Check out our many very kid friendly places you can take your loved ones and escape......  We call it simple luxury, but a very affordable hideaway in Tulum, Mexico. Well chosen colors and minimal decor at Tiki Tiki is what strikes us. It's definitely cool. See you at the pool.... #tikitiki #tulum #mayariviera #artdeco #midcentury #boutiquehomes #boutiquehotels #tulummexico #tulum travelmexico #explore #myadventure #travelbydesihn#discovermexico #jungledecor #modernhomes
 Mies van der Rohe visits Greece. Crete, to be specific. This is an amazing cool vacation rental. Villa 7 is everything you would want for your next holiday trip.  Do you like steps, staircases? Stairs to heaven, we were curious what you see when you get up there..... Caseta Morisca, Ibiza #sanlorenzo #ibiza #moorish #rustic #moorishhome #boutiquehomes #vacationrentals #contemporarystyle #travelbydesign #cozyinteriors #homedesign #interiordecor #restored #bedandbreakfast #whiteinteriors #modernhomes #stylishhomes #exploremore #designdetails #architecture_hunter
 White, white, white. Another magical place to visit and stay. The ultimate Greece experience right on the Island of Ios.  If you like details and some history you came to the right place. The Palm House No 17 in Antalya, Turkey tells stories in every corner. Explore it now. #antalya #antalyaturkey #turquoisecoast #turkey #boutiquehotel #vintagetheme #timelessstyle #designdetails #colonialstyle #turkishdesign #beautifuldetails #travelbydesign #travelmore #interiordecor #interiorinspo #housedesign #boutiquehomes
 This is not a wallpaper ! And it's not a painting. It's real. Take a front row seat and enjoy every minute at Scrubby Bay Villa, New Zealand.  Let’s go on the road#travelbydesign
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