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Heinz Legler and Veronique Lievre can best be described as harbingers of good taste and hunters of fine living. Together, with an eye for the exceptional, the duo has been designing, building, and decorating vacation hotels and vacation homes around the world for over a decade, well displayed at the couple’s chic micro-resort, VERANA, located in the Mexican jungle of Yelapa, just south of Puerto Vallarta. Aside from their own endeavors and developments, which also include FAR MEADOW in California’s High Sierras, it was their travels to the far reaches of the globe that inspired BoutiqueHomes.

Having discovered properties that best represented their ideas of aesthetic and architectural merit, Heinz and Vero created BoutiqueHomes to help expose vacationers to a better way of travel. Their mission was to find  even more exceptional properties and list them on a site for everyone to enjoy.

“One common theme throughout a BoutiqueHomes property is that they are intricately interesting and display generous amounts of character and design,” says Veronique. “We choose select vacation homes for our site based on the style and the potential experience it can provide the traveler and their family.”

As with many stories, theirs started in Hollywood; Heinz owning a successful movie set construction company, and Veronique, a gifted set decorator for commercials and music videos. Their first collaboration was the now famous CLUB ED, a film location recreating a gas station, motel, and diner from a bygone era, located in the Mojave Desert, California.  It proved to be a magnet for some of the biggest names in entertainment and art, including Ridley Scott, Annie Leibowitz, Tim Robbins, and even Mick Jagger.

With an unrelenting zest for searching out character and quality in unique holiday homes and small boutique hotels, and a dedication to hospitality, Heinz and Veronique continue adding to their collection of properties within BoutiqueHomes, which includes listings in countries all around the world. “It’s always been about what we like, where we would want to go, how we want to live,” says Heinz. “Since we’ve practiced this now for decades, we’ve accumulated numerous resources and locations to pass along to other likeminded travelers.”

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© Laura Austin
© Laura Austin