What sets us apart?

Shortcut to top-notch vacation rentals
We have captured a growing niche clientele who won’t sift through thousands of listings on other sites to find a vacation property which lives up to their standards. They are sophisticated, stylish world travelers who appreciate style and good design. We became their go-to destination, a comprehensive guide to vacation properties and they appreciate that we have done the leg work for them.

Architectural Gems
Most of our properties have been designed by highly acclaimed architects and designers from around the world, such as Benjamin Cox, Herbert Kreisler, R.F Schindler, Frank Lloyd Wright and many young talented new faces.

Quality over Quantity
Our collection of stylish, modern and unique vacation rentals favors ‘quality over quantity’, it’s not about square footage or fancy zip codes. Rather, we’re looking for thoughtful design and personal touches.

We care
We personally work together with the property owner to get the property presentation on BH just right. We review each property, we select and edit all images and we put together a short guide. In short, on BH not anybody can upload anything, we curate and we care what is presented on BH.


What are the benefits?

Inclusion on Boutique Homes sets your home apart and endorses your property as selected, special and trusted.

You are in good company
You are joining an invite only collection of carefully curated properties which share the same esthetic of architecture, design and style.

Stand Out of the Crowd
Within our limited collection, your property will be easily found and seen. Not buried.

The right clientele
We offer you a clientele of like-minded travelers who appreciate and care for your home like its their own. It will be refreshing to get inquiries from travelers who really appreciate good design and good architecture.

Talk to a human
Have a question? At Boutique Homes you will be able to talk to a real person and get the attention you deserve.

Financial freedom
All financial transaction are between you and the renter direct, no middleman involved.


The founders

As a team, Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler have been designing, building and decorating hotels and vacation homes for over 15 years. From Verana in the jungle to Far Meadow in the High Sierras we have built vacation homes from the ground up and welcomed guests from around the world.So when we select vacation homes and small hotels to showcase on BoutiqueHomes, we choose based on our experience and aesthetics. BoutiqueHomes is our personal collection, handpicked by us – for you.