Boutique Travel - September 01, 2020

Who We Are

BoutiqueHomes is a collection, but it is also a philosophy. We are a small, big-​hearted team of makers and travelers, in a continuous search for places we simply love. We believe that great architecture and homes imprinted with singular style should delight, inspire and even transform. 

Other sites might have millions of properties, but we keep our eyes on our own paper; fewer, better places is what works for us – and our community. Our base of 1,800 properties includes homes by noted architects and designers from around the world, such as Benjamin Cox, Herbert Kreisler, R.F Schindler, Frank Lloyd Wright, and several of our properties have won prestigious design awards. 

While we are invite-only and admit we choose carefully, we also choose humbly. We might deeply appreciate a sublime villa in Puglia as much as a cabin in the woods of Quebec, a Bauhaus apartment in Croatia or a tiny trailer in a bohemian enclave of California.

Uniqueness is our focus, human-ness is our strength. So here’s to the details: the weathered bones of an ancient ruin, a staircase that catches your breath, a houseboat that existed as a dream for many years before it existed, a grandfather’s legacy in the form of a home that aches with the spirit and generations of family. It is our distinct honor to find the heartbeat of a place and share it with you.

As a natural extension, we care a great deal about how well our properties are presented – they are the jewels of our lifelong treasure hunt. Our team of artists and writers love to tell the stories of our homes through words and images, and our site reflects this, bridging the worlds of curation and editorial.

And from there, we give you the keys to the places we love, so you can love them too.


As a team, Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler have been designing, building and decorating hotels and vacation homes for over 15 years. From Verana in the jungle to Far Meadow in the High Sierras we have built vacation homes from the ground up and welcomed guests from around the world. So when we select vacation homes and small hotels to showcase on Boutique-Homes, we choose based on our experience and aesthetics. Boutique-Homes is our personal collection, handpicked by us – for you.

Vivianne Lapointe from LiveFAST Magazine interviews Veronique Lievre and Heinz Legler.

Editor Katya Tylevich writes about BoutiqueHomes.