We Visit Corsica

A journey we never tire of, Corsica’s old world, laid back style and natural beauty always brings us back. So, this summer we returned again to rediscover some of our favorite boutique homes and get some new pix, new detail and new perspective. From the scent of the maquis and colors of sea and sky, and the enduring charm of the sweet and slightly goofy goats and donkeys that roam everywhere, it’s a sensory delight every time.


Our first stop is always La Caseta. We love the garden and it’s old stone walls and shadows in the morning light. (It’s like watching a moving art piece!) Nearby, our friend Nathalie from Pietra Nova has just put up a cool tent/art studio/living space in her garden and we were intrigued by how it looked and the idea of a fun hideaway on the property.


We were lucky to spend the night at the newly remodeled A Concaja, a traditional bergerie with great new finishes and detail and got some pix that really showcase how beautiful it is. It’s a tricky drive down a not so great road but it’s magic when you arrive. All by itself, with amazing views, it brought us back to carefree childhood, with the sounds of the crickets, the light and that “just right” feel.



BBQ time. Rose time! Best. Sausages. Ever. The local boucherie in the village of Nessa never disappoints. He’s been making them forever and supplies just about everyone in the area so get yours early. Fire it up and throw on the chipolata, the mergez and some fresh summer tomatoes from the garden. Delicious.


Today it’s a pink day! We spotted this bright pink hydrangea along the way and the same tone in the furniture. Such a cool and fun outdoor style. Cheerful, bright and sweet!


The best season for outdoor living and camping with more splashes of color. A completely relaxing informal escape in the great outdoors. Hang out, breathe deep, be free.


We visit The Moulin and again are surprised with the color pink that seems to follow us on this trip. A tasty plate of fresh peaches from the tree, and an inviting spot to sit. We seem to be onto a lovely theme here…


En route to St. Florent and as usual, goats on the road. Wild, wooly and a little silly, they’re some of our favorite residents on the island.


On to visit an old Couvent… A unique and enchanting pleasure to wander through, the beautiful faded patina on the walls, slanted light and slightly eerie collection of statues gives us goosebumps.


Down the back road along the Route des Artistes and through the villages instead of the coast, the views from La Torra and Ville-di-Paraso are some of the best of the interiors of the island.


We’re always on the lookout for undiscovered gems and will stop along the way when we spot an old abandoned bergerie. Super fun to explore and imagine the history. We also spotted this curious rock that bears an uncanny resemblance to a bird.


Lured by the blue, we headed back to the coast and found my dream place. Yes! Overlooking the azure perfection, it’s abandoned and needs a bit of work but…


Evening blue and we’re feeling dreamy. Another great trip comes to a close and we’re a little wistful at saying goodbye. A toast, a good night’s sleep and we’re off in the morning.


Small, beautiful and fascinating, you’ll discover wonder and surprise around every corner in Corsica. Hmmm…pink.

Any comments?