Unusual Headboards

The Dorset Holiday House in the seaside town of Bridport, England is a great blend of traditional British architecture and modern design. We were so intrigued by the colorful and very unique designs found throughout the house – on the headboards, partitions and even a shower screen, so we did a little digging and it led us to Jason MacLean (Studio MacLean), the artist who conceived these designs. He was happy to share with us the story behind the bespoke pieces designed exclusively for this stunning 19th-century house.
“Most of the headboards are made from solid oak, with one-off hand screened fabric inserts from British Fashion house Eley Kishimoto, a design company known for its print design.
Eley Kishimoto ‘Bloomsbury’ print, which is also an exclusive print for the house, was laser etched (a cool technique that uses laser to engrave an object) onto a solid oak headboard and the shower screen in the master bathroom.”
These new and fresh ideas reinvent everyday spaces and to us, that is creative art at its best!
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