TRIBAL: The Most Chic Boutique Hotel in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is on the rise. After a great year of travel headlines featuring innovative itineraries and a newfound sense of vibrancy, the country has seen an influx of boutique hotels well worth knowing. Among the creative gems of Nicaragua lies the TRIBAL Hotel and we think, this small hotel is the most chic boutique hotel in Nicaragua. Colorfully painted colonial homes and cobblestone streets lead way to TRIBAL, Granada’s first boutique hotel, designed and created by New York restaurateurs Yvan Cussigh and Jean-Marc Houmard of Indochine and Acme.


Located in the residential street where visitors are by default invited to meet and greet locals, TRIBAL resembles a countryside structure, blending in naturally with its surroundings. This did not happen by accident. Cussigh and Houmard had every intention to make TRIBAL feel like a home away from home.


A perfect balance of antique and modern hand-crafted pieces foster an air of relaxation and comfort and TRIBAL’s seven rooms all carry the same relaxed luxury feel.  TRIBAL sets the tone for thoughtful design in Nicaragua, without disrupting its cultural surrounding.


If you are planning to travel to Nicaragua this year, we consider you smart. Try and get there before everyone does. 2015 saw an incredible rise on tourism to the Central American gem.  Rather than going for the all inclusive resort experience, Nicaragua is a wild and raw destination worth exploring like a local.


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