Iceland, The Land of Giants

You may have heard that for years Iceland has been know as a land of fire and ice… today it is also known as The Land of Giants™

In March of 2008, Landsnet, a public company that owns the electrical transmission system in Iceland where 80% of the electricity is from green sustainable sources, introduced a competition to design a new type of towers that would change the appearance of line routes with respect to environmental impact.



The result is something that when you visit Iceland you will want to see… Choi+Shine Architects, a Boston based firm, redrew these iron pieces and turned them into well established pylon-figures that are now monuments in the landscape.


Our favorite part… These steel giants can be shaped to respond to the environment with the right gestures and postures! They stretch to gain height, crouch to increase strength and even imitate a climbing person to ascend up a hill.


Fascinating giants that belong to the landscape while bringing light to the city.

Any comments?
  • Roberto Cervantes, June 3, 2015

    Excelent report that let us know the wonderful things that are development around the world to take care of the earth and how the imagination of the people can create infinite things in all the areas. Also give us the access to places that we didn’t know they exist and we’re made by the hand of God.

    Roberto Cervantes