The Cube Chair

The Heinz Julen Loft in Zermatt, Switzerland is composed of epic proportions that still manage to be warm and inviting. The interiors take a familiar context with custom furnishings and art straight from Julen’s own furniture workshop. So many pieces caught our eye but when we saw the cube chairs we wanted to know more! This cool and witty chairs fold into a self-contained shipping container, so if you are moving you can ship them as is.

The idea came from the utility trunks used by musicians to carry their equipment around. Heinz was inspired when seeing them at concerts made at his Vernissage bar and club in Zermatt. They are made out of wood, metal and leather and they make every single piece by hand at the Heinz Julen Atelier in Zermatt. Originally he made them for his own private use but so many people started asking about them he decided to make more and sell them! They are quite tricky to make but it’s well worth it because they have such a wow factor.

cube_chairs_2 cube_chairs_3


Wood, aluminium, leather
Select your own wood
Leather available in different colours

60×60 cm, Height 68 cm (closed)
83×70 cm, Height 90 cm (open)

This loft can be rented individually or paired with the penthouse above through BoutiqueHomes.

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