Tech Headboard

Kith & Kine is a sharply crafted 19th century apartment that sits at an interesting crossroads in London, England. Right behind it you’ll find hip, buzzing Shoreditch where London’s vibrant tech community work and play. To the north is Islington, a more established residential place with a history of politics and left wing journalism and across the road is Clerkenwell, the home of seemingly countless shops.

Surrounded by tech, history and design the owner asked himself if he could bring this mix from the outside indoors… “I wanted to give the property an identity. Something that represented the positivity of the rental experience and the dynamic character of the locality.”

One of the elements that caught our eye was definitely the headboard – a playful nod to Pong, that classic 1970’s computer game. The elements of the game along with the oversized cursor on the window blind represent the energy and fun of the tech community of nearby Shoreditch. “We chose Pong because the imagery is old enough to be classic while being very obviously tech-related.”

They created the piece by joining two large boards and mounting them on short beams attached to the wall. They painted the boards black and then used masking tape and stencils to outline the shapes before painting these in white. The beams between the boards and the wall give the feeling of space while also allowing the option to place some cosy backlighting at some stage in the future.

Getting inspired by your surroundings allows for a beautiful creative process. We love how this property becomes the meeting point between, not only two, but three different paths and stories.




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