Teardrop Mini Glamping

Perfect excuse for a quick road trip to Taos, New Mexico. To pick up our latest addition  to the Boutique Home collection:

The Camp Inn, 550 Classic, #427

How wonderful would it be, if all of our stylish vacation properties would be mobile.Well, since this is not really very realistic we did a compromise and added the Camp Inn teardrop #427 as our personal ‘mobile home’ and it will serve at the same time as our boutique -homes.com mascot.


Here in front of the San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church, just outside Taos.



Our first overnight stop on the way back. The kitchen is already a mess…..CampInn_5

Chic nomads travel in style.


Second night, stopover in Joshua Tree. Diner time.


Good morning, world. The cabin has been super cosy.


éphémère. Ephemeral, places we stop, stay and leave behind. Temporary housing for modern nomads. Passing through.

Ephemeral memories. Vacations are ephemeral, visits are ephemeral. Moments.

Any comments?
  • Candace Gras, July 4, 2015

    Can we book a mini glam camper?
    Love the concept.

  • Al, July 4, 2015

    What brand/make is the teardrop? AL