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Summer in the City

This summer, get willingly lost in unfamiliar streets, try a few of the restaurants on everybody’s lips, visit a museum or two, and sip a glass while watching the locals. Here are seven urban vacation rentals for you to live like you’ve always been there. And one new villa away from it all… because we couldn’t resist.

Play in the shadows… For those determined to get out of town, let’s start with this three-bedroom villa with sea views in the olive groves of Puglia. This tall drink of architecture is touched with delicate refrains of its surrounding elements. Casa Di Monti Puglia, Italy (Photo shown above.)

urban vacation rentals

Nord-Holland House Amsterdam, Holland

When in Amsterdam… Measure time with your bike. Wholesome and traditional on the outside, sleek and modern on the inside, this redesigned early 20th-century family home in Amsterdam is a 20-minute bike ride from the center of town.

urban vacation rentals

La Palma Apartment Madrid, Spain

When in Madrid… Immerse yourself in the action! This bright loft-style apartment has a balcony that hovers over La Palma street, just a stone’s throw from Madrid’s nightlife, and insulated windows to silence the buzz when you’re finally ready for some shut-eye.

urban vacation rentals

La Valise Mexico City, Mexico

When in Mexico City… Sleep on the balcony, just because you can. La Valise is a three-suite hotel with a personality, set in a reimagined townhouse from the 1920s and perfectly placed in the artsy and fashionable Roma Norte neighborhood.

urban vacation rentals

London Loft London, UK

When in London… Give yourself a royal treat. Formerly a Victorian bank depository, this 3,000-square-foot penthouse in the East End neighborhood of Shoreditch is now stocking a new currency: space!

urban vacation rentals

Dar Kawa Marrakesh, Morocco

When in Marrakesh… Find your quiet nook in the heart of the bustling medina. You’ll be happy to dissolve into the serenity of Dar Kawa after a day of sensory overload at the souk. Once a spiritual retreat, this tastefully understated boutique hotel is still infused with meditative calm.

urban vacation rentals

San Miguel Apartment Madrid, Spain

Still in Madrid…Get your gastronomic chops on. This citrusy apartment is near the famous Mercado de San Miguel, where you’ll find an abundance of gourmet local produce. A must for foodies.

urban vacation rentals

Le Corbusier Marseille, France

When in Marseille… stay in a slice of architectural history. Revel in Brutalist forms and primary colors in this apartment housed in Le Corbusier’s Radiant City. Initially designed as a public housing project, it reflects the architect’s comprehensive and real understanding of the needs of daily life.

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