Sonia Cucculelli’s wall murals at Dai Nonni

Some art stops you in your tracks. That was the case with these murals by Sonia Cucculelli, which we discovered on the walls of Dai Nonni, the apartment she inherited from her grandparents in Lecce, Italy. Sonia is a professional illustrator, a graduate of the Accademia dell’Illustrazione e Comunicazione Visiva, and loves animated drawings, the trail left by the black pen, as well as artisanal printing techniques.

It’s an obsession that’s obvious when you arrive at Dai Nonni. The building that holds her apartment and studio space was built in 1960 and bears the signature of well-known designer Gio Ponti. But it’s the interiors that caught our eye – the intriguing collection of framed illustrations by Sonia, her friends and colleagues, and more precisely the three playful and whimsical wall murals.

Sonia Cucculelli

The first, of a girl with binoculars peering out from behind a sofa, was created in homage to the time she spent here with her grandparents. “I used to come to Salento for summer holidays,” Sonia tells us. “I remember well how it was to stay here with my grandparents. I remember the atmosphere and the smells, and the things I used to do with them.

“I really enjoyed moving here, renovating the apartment, keeping the original design but giving it more color and joy. This mural was inspired by a Fornasetti drawing. Fornasetti is an important Italian designer, and we had his beautiful wallpaper in the apartment. It was the famous one with the air balloons, I loved the drawings and I used to get lost in them when I was a child. Then the wallpaper was unfortunately removed.”

The furniture and decoration in the second bedroom is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. “That is Alice’s skirt, when she became HUGE,” says Sonia. “I also put in that room a wonderful tea service of my grandma (that I have drawn a lot) and some old illustrations I have.”

The final mural is purely decorative, she explains — stylized Sixties flowers to match the room’s Sixties Danish furniture.

Sonia Cucculelli

Sonia Cucculelli

We love Sonia’s designs and the unique flavor they bring to this apartment. To see them up close, we highly recommend a visit to Dai Nonni. Start by clicking here.

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