Big Cities, Small Trips

Missing vacation season like a teenager in boarding school? Pack your weekenders and get behind the wheel! Here’s our pick of great small trips…


3 hours from Berlin

small trips

Baltic Sea House Prerow, Germany

Hit the road and don’t stop till you reach the meadow that opens up to Darsswald Forest, where this beautiful juxtaposition of traditional thatching, Corten steel, and modernist elements awaits. Leave summer behind and cross your fingers for a chilly evening just so you can light up the fire pit and surrender to the sauna.


2 1/2 hours from Chicago

small trips

The Eppstein House  Galesburg, Michigan

This flawlessly restored Frank Lloyd Wright house an hour east of Lake Michigan is the closest thing we’ll get to a time machine, and we’re perfectly alright with that. Get some air outside the Windy City and experience mid-century modern the way the master intended. And yes, you can rave about it till Christmas.


1 hour from Brussels

small trips

The Train Station  Bioul, Belgium

Tired of running for the train? Sit back and miss every train in this converted station that still has a track running through the garden. What you shouldn’t miss is taking a moment to contemplate the quiet, unhindered view from the spacious dining area, the kitchen sink, the deep Agape soaking tub in the loft, your doorstep… well, basically everywhere.


1 1/2 hours from Los Angeles

Valley View Villa  Ojai, California

Looking for a little getaway in large portions? This architectural gem in Ojai is all about oversized appeal: 9ft ceilings, wide-open hilltop views, and room enough for eight. Relax, recharge, and soak it all in from the saltwater infinity pool, because that’s what it’s there for.


2 1/2 hours from London

small trips

Semley Lodge  Wiltshire, England

If you’re an enthusiast for the Arts & Crafts movement, look no further. Semley Lodge is a veritable treasure trove of British crafts, so much so that it doubles as a gallery space (where many of the items are available for purchase). Needless to say, the owners were inspired by William Morris’s sentiment that you “should have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” That explains it!

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