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Small Personal Museums – Sicily

The best museums are often the most intimate ones, tucked away in unexpected places and full of fascinating treasures. For the eighth article in our series about small personal museums around the world, we visit the island of Sicily and discover a couple of hidden gems.

Herborarium Museum & Sicilian Tea Room

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Located in one of the most historical streets of Catania, the Herborarium Museum presents an interesting collection of pharmaceutical instruments through the ages. Old balances, antique ceramics, tiny metal boxes, stone mortars – everything our ancestors needed to produce the first drugs. But most interesting is the great herbarium of local plants from Sicily and Etna… and their perfumes. The Herborarium Museum also offers a selection of tea flavored with the herbs of Sicily. An unforgettable experience.

Herborarium Museum: Via Crociferi 16, Catane, Sicily. Admission free. 


Teatro Donnafugata

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This is known as one of the smallest theaters in Italy. Teatro Donnafugata in Ragusa, Sicily, was originally a chapel in the great palace of the Arazzo Donnafugata family, close to the famous Duomo. In 1840, an ancestor of the present owner (who was more interested in entertainment than prayer) built this small theatre of 90 seats, which was completely restored in 2014. Today, this family theater, directed by Constanza Di Quattro, is known for its dynamic and creative programming.

Teatro Donnafugata: Ragusa, Sicily. Performances: Friday and Saturday at 9 PM and Sunday at 6.30 PM. Fee: €15 – €30

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