SALT: A Must See in Norway!

Norway’s Avant-garde Arctic Art. When your next to northern Norway, check out Sami Rintala’s SALT architectural installations built with timber structures. Designed by Architect Sami Rintala and Artist Joar Nango and set to launch on August 29th, the unique art installation for the nomadic cultural festival, SALT, is a celebration of culture, art,

music and architecture on the island of Sandhornøya. The festival’s philosophy stems from celebrating a particular region, thus it is scheduled to move to different sites in the Arctic area. Sami’s structures are the backbone of SALT and includes tent like shelters, a sauna and a kitchen all set on the beach and built from wood to represent architecture usually found in northern Norway. The main structure is inspired by fiskehjelle, a traditional rack structure to dry fish. In fact, the fiskehjelle is the central symbol of SALT.

When asked about his art Sami explained, ‘We do not see a great difference between art and architecture, but view every task as a different dialogue with the programme, site, client, local culture and weather.’

The art show will run until September 6th of 2015 before traveling across the Arctic – Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Alaska and Russia. There will be campfires, events, concerts, art and performers bringing together the community, and, most importantly, drawing the focus of the event which is the future of the polar region that is undeniably melting.



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