The Best Routes and Pit Stops for Your Next Road Trip

Road tripping across the USA is on most curious travelers’ bucket lists. Whether you enjoy driving or not, the stunning beauty of some parts of the country is undoubtedly the main reason why some take months off work and head out to go explore. There are many options when choosing which route to take and what to see. After all, this is one of the biggest countries in the world with unparalleled diversity from East to West or North to South. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got your back. Not only have we found the most complete route, we’ve also found you accommodation for every pit stop. Ready?

The map below shows one of the longest but most fulfilling routes to see some of the most famous cities in the US. We modified it slightly, skipping the northwest and choosing to see New Mexico and Texas instead. This route can take up to two months to complete, so if you have plenty of time off this should fulfill a lot of your expectations. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

road tripping

La Conner, Washington

Starting off in Washington state seems like a great plan. La Conner is one of the most famous weekend getaway destinations in all of Washington, merging a friendly local culture with absolutely beautiful landscape and trails. This is the outdoor lover’s dream.



Stay: Glass Cabin

Neskowin, Oregon

The Oregon coast is not only stunning, it also has that feeling of remoteness and tranquility. Unlike many coastal towns, Neskowin is very secluded and underdeveloped. Make sure you have a camera.


Stay: Neskowin Beach House

San Francisco, California

Wondering why we chose San Francisco out of all the other cities in California? Just look at the picture. Besides, the drive from San Fran to southern California is satisfying enough. So much to see without even getting out of the car. Don’t forget to overnight in Mill Valley.

Stay: Muir Cottage

Death Valley, Nevada

This may be the hottest, lowest place in the US, but it is 100% worth seeing. Just make sure you are well prepared for the heat and the remoteness. From rare desert wildlife to complex geology and wilderness, the Nevada side of the Death Valley comes with this amazing home for rent.


Stay: Desert Gold

Taos, New Mexico

New Mexico is fascinating and carries very strong, ancient energy. The town of Taos is a great example of that. An old artist colony, Taos is filled with museums and galleries in addition to boasting this centuries old adobe inhabited by Native Americans.


Stay: Rio Eco House

New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the most beautiful cities in America, in our humble opinion. Here, history meets soul and unique cultural traditoins. Be amazed by street musicians, eat beignets at Cafe du Monde, or simply walk around. There is so much to see.


Stay: La Maison Marigny

Lakeland, Florida

After all the driving, you will want to stop and finally take a dip in the ocean. We suggest heading to the beach then coming back to stay at our retreat located on the outskirt of Lakeland, which will make continuing to head northeast simpler.


Stay: Weaving House

Catskills, New York

While most people may want to just rush and go straight to New York City, we highly recommend stopping in the Catskills. Upstate New York is special and only one hour and a half away from the big apple.


Stay: The Floating Farmhouse

Martinsville, Maine

Congrats! You almost made it to Canada! The beautiful coast of Maine is the ideal place to end your months long road tripping adventure. Just look at it… Martinsville is a popular summer destination for families with coastal vacation homes at every bend. The Harbor Cottage is our favorite.


Stay: Harbor Cottage

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