Billie Culy


The Chambourcin Cottage is a bright, contemporary one-bedroom cottage set among vineyards on the North Island of New Zealand. The cottage was built in 1975 by architect Steve McGavock for his parents, but was recently renovated by interior design team Bibby+Brady. The print in the living room caught our eye, and we knew we had to find out more about it… Its name is Potpourri, a beautiful name for the mixture of flowers and plants found in this pot, and it was created by the artist Billie Culy.

Billie Culy

Billie Culy is a young Hawke’s Bay local known for her exquisite photographic prints. Each image captures the essence of the place the flowers came from, and is carefully arranged in still-life format, with vessels Billie often creates herself. We are big fans of bringing the outdoors inside, and this is definitely a great way to include some nature in this very inviting space. Here are some more of her works.

To purchase Billie Culy’s prints, click here. To book Chambourcin Cottage, please click here.

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