Pop-up Pads

At Boutique Homes, we love creative design, and when we find it coupled with sustainable building it truly inspires us!

Like our very own “The Pods” hotel, this pop-up pads are made for the modern nomad. Comfortable, stylish and eco friendly, we are definitely dreaming of carefree vacations!


Eco-Hotel + Drop L have created this removable modular hotel rooms inspired by the organic shapes you can find in nature. This lightweight  units can be placed and removed in different terrains without leaving a negative impact on the environment.


A fabulous room with a view that disappears into the landscape giving you a completely new travel and hotel experience.

So if you want your next vacation to be in the forest, a warm beach, the middle of the jungle, or simply… your back yard, this takes glamping to the next level! Nothing says innovation like this chic cabin spaces that offer a new way to explore the great outdoors!!

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