out of the office

Out of the Office

Out of the office into the wild… Our off-site picks for your creative team, and off-the-grid spaces for your creative juices.

Pictured top: Casa X Catalonia, Spain (photo ©Sandra Pereznieto). This masterpiece by award-winning duo Cadaval & Solà-Morales will get any architecture addict hung up on the X. Sensitive to its surroundings, the unorthodox shape is actually a response to the setting of the hills above Cabrils. This inspiring structure sleeps eight so it’s perfect for a small team off-site, and comes with an oversized bespoke marble table, all the better to get your brains storming.


Out of the office

Solo Circle Aragon, Spain

Circles: The go-to symbol of perfection, balance, and well-being. Pretty apt for any team looking to take a long weekend for improving communication and figuring out how to get along like good people should. Truth is, when you’re spending a few days in a circular, norm-defying structure, with doors that slide away to let the wilderness in, everything just feels… better.


out of the office

Saddle Peak Topanga, LA, California

What better than wide-open views to inspire new ideas and take projects to the next level? This AIA/LA award-winning home with its through-and-through glass panels and minimalist structure clears the head and opens the mind. Slide-away doors create a seamless indoor-outdoor effect, allowing nature to nourish your senses.


out of the office

Off-Grid House Pioneertown, California

Cited by the Los Angeles Times as “one of the best houses of all time in Southern California,” this is the perfect refuge for those going through a “hell is other people” patch. Set in its own remote spot of the Californian desert, it’s miles away from all possible human peskiness and surrounded by serene desert views. Not for the faint of heart: There’s no internet connection.


out of the office

Porteous’ Studio Edinburgh, Scotland

Hide in plain sight! Created by a design team passionate about architecture, craftsmanship and culinary arts, this warm minimalist haven in Edinburgh was intended as a space to be shared with like-minded creatives seeking to resource in an environment that understands them. The studio is revealed through a wall of glass carved into the 18th-century building’s stone facade, nestled just below the imposing Edinburgh Castle.


out of the office

Chalet Vendée La Gaubretière, Loire, France

This stone house in the Loire Valley region of France has its 16th-century charm on the outside, and indulgent contemporary comforts on the inside. Put your bags down and a spend long weekend enjoying the cozy living spaces and feasting with loved ones on the sunny patio. Go on, give in to your desire to soak in the gorgeous overflow tub in the bedroom till your fingers get pruney.


The Apple Farm Philo, California

Feeling like a bit of farmlife? This rural homestead combines the agricultural lifestyle with artistic sensibilities to great effect. Choose from three main cottages with gorgeous personal details of craft and color. Foodies can participate in their Stay and Cook experience, where everybody gets together to cook up a seasonal menu accompanied by a selection of local wines. Phones off, aprons on!

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