new additions

New additions

New additions… Our favorite kind of math! Here’s a pick of our latest gems with more than a few plus points for you to find your balance this vacation season.

Color blocking opens up all sorts of ideas. Just ask this apartment in the Embajadores-Lavapiés district in the heart of Madrid named after Picasso himself, who called this neighborhood home in his early days. Pictured top:Picasso Apartment Madrid, Spain.


New additions

Modern Glam Notting Hill, London, UK

A nook for vintage lovers. This intimate little flat in Notting Hill is perfect for a weekend of strolling in the antiques and vintage market of Portobello Road. Wake up with the birds, enjoy a coffee in your light-filled living room, and get hunting.


Yellow Submarine London, UK

We all live in a Yellow Submarine. Or at least we could make a weekend of it in this Pop Art-inspired flat in Fulham just minutes from London’s nightlife, eager to assist in your next delightfully excessive urban escapade.


New additions

Lemon Grove Villa Sorrento, Italy

When life gives you lemons, have a vacation with them! Sorrento is known for their juicy lemons that grow under the protective shade of tumbling grape vines, and this heritage vacation villa from the 19th century has been a part of this symbiosis for generations.


New additions

Oasis Ibiza San Rafael, Ibiza, Spain

Find your cool in a bohemian playground. Oasis Ibiza is a boutique hotel designed to feel like a private villa, with an organic restaurant that feels like a private chef, and local DJs that make the evenings feel like a party with your buddies.


New additions

Le Cube Frenois, France

Think within the box that opens up to a gentle stream in the secluded French countryside. And when you’re done thinking, soak it all away in the Dutch hot tub filled with spring water heated by a wood fire.


New additions

The Louie New Orleans, USA

Take it nice and easy in ol’ New Orleans. This lovingly restored “shotgun house” exudes well-being with its soulful furnishings that feel homely yet sophisticated, venturing from light to shade, neutrals to colors like a cool night’s breeze.

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