Monocabin: your own minimalist prefab

Somewhere in a clean-lined office in Milan, a group of young designers are working to create the world they want to live in. And they have no intention of keeping it to themselves. They are Mandalaki Studio, and we encountered them when their minimalist prefab Rhodes Monocabin joined our collection earlier this year. Since then, Mandalaki have decided to offer the cabins for sale globally, and we are happy to announce that BoutiqueHomes will join them as their official distributor in the United States and Europe.

Purchase a Monocabin–and it can be your vacation home on that perfect patch of land, a short-term rental property right in your own backyard, an artist’s studio, or even your home office. Just get in touch and we’ll help you make it happen.



Monocabin began as an internal project for Mandalaki, who wanted to create the perfect retreat for a bit of creative resourcing. They chose Rhodes as the location, the island where co-founder George Kolliopoulos grew up, and created a prefab infused with a distilled Mediterranean feel.

As time went by, Monocabin turned out to be a gallery for the Mandalaki “universe”. The designers added objects they created–a marble bookshelf that mimics the lines of the cabin, a charger for devices that doubles as soft lighting but really is more of a minimalist sculpture, and their most recent Halo Lamp that paints the room with a wash of light. Next, they decided to make Monocabin available as a vacation rental, inviting others to experience their philosophy: a return to nature, a distillation of the essential, where design and service is synonymous.

Extending that option to other homeowners was a natural next step, and we’re delighted to be a part of that expansion.



Monocabin’s design is anchored around utility and livability. Starting from the question “How will we live in this space?” the designers went through their personal checklist. Rooms must be spaces that flow naturally into one another, the bathroom is a space for self-care and rejuvenation, the bedroom is a perfect balance between cozy and easy movement, the kitchen is planned with delicious meals in mind, and outdoor living includes fitness and fun. They concluded that 26 square meters was the ideal size for a vacation home absent of superfluous elements.

Mandalaki adopted the practice of early prefabricated homes, choosing a construction based on a composition of concrete panels that are both easy to assemble and modular. The effect is that of a very grown-up, full-scale Lego set. This also allowed them to divide spaces into cozier nooks, creating a more complex layout that eschews the generic open-plan rectangle. The multi-terrain structure does not require a foundation, and has been designed for the possibility of off-the-grid locations.

Each 26sqm home sleeps up to three guests, but two modules can be combined to house up to five in a lateral structure, or stacked into two stories. Bespoke finishes for the walls are also a possibility, as is the removal of certain walls for a personalized layout.

There is something to be said of the walls too. Each Monocabin is delivered with a Smart Wall that houses a water heater, an air-conditioner, electrical and water panels, storage space, a projector, Apple TV and a Hi-Fi system.

Everything is calculated down to the millimeter. Household appliances that balance design with performance fit perfectly into their allotted places. All materials are eco-friendly and sourced in Italy, the country of production.



Mandalaki like to keep things simple, and this is reflected even in the experience of purchasing and installing your Monocabin. The idea is to offer the thrill of a home-building project without the fuss and the accompanying mess.

Here’s how it works: Delivery is made five months after the order is taken. For orders within Europe, Mandalaki send their own team to assemble your new home in seven working days. The home is delivered plug-and-play wherever you wish, complete with fixtures, furniture and appliances–so all you have to do is hook it up to your electricity and plumbing sources, and you’re good to go.



All that said, Mandalaki don’t expect you to make any decisions based on pictures and ideas. If you’re seriously considering purchasing a Monocabin, the studio invites you for a 2-night stay at the one that started it all. In Rhodes. Free.

Discover more about Monocabin in our Marketplace, or swing by our brand new Los Angeles showroom (at 120 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA9o290, Suite #105) to see the model.


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  • maxine snider, January 1, 2019

    what is a good guestimate for installation costin the USA with average flat terrain.

  • Benghozi Guy, October 31, 2018

    can you give us an idea of price and specs for a cold country Montreal Canada