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Follow us. We are scouting for new discoveries in Brittany, France and onto Corsica later this month. While the weather in Brittany in March isn’t on the sunny side, we like to travel in the off season. Hardly any tourists around. We wish we could bring some rain back from Brittany to super dry California.

Tide_Pool_St_Malo, Brittany

This is the tide pool just outside of Saint Malo. I love the diving platform at the far end. During high tide this cool design pool just disappears. Apparently in this region the tide is up to 26 feet. Amazing! This means it rises 1-3 feet every 15 min. You better watch out where you are and don’t get stuck. Check out some more images of the pool here.


Just outside of Saint Malo in R…., we came across this classy Coastal House. This is a super cool spot and has a great view.

vacation_rental_Brittany, France

This is a typically Breton longère property. Longeres is a type of property common in Brittany and is not found in such abundance in any other region of France. And, in fact,  these houses reveal a simple, down-to-earth art de vivre, fashioned by a sometimes rude climate and the warm character of the people living in Brittany. We met some very nice ‘Breton’s, yes. And, by the way, this property will be available to rent soon on Boutique Homes.

Cancale nº 3

Oster Capital Brittany
No visit to Brittany should fall short on visiting Cancale. It is the popular meeting place for oyster fans. Cancale carries the reputation of being the ‘oyster capital’ of Brittany.


While we decided to sample the delicacy in one of the many restaurants, a much cheaper way would be to buy them from the oyster stalls located on the jetty. Here a dozen will cost around 5 EUR.


The oyster beds are located at the northern end of the town, immediately beyond the main jetty with each farmer owning a framed section of the seabed. They vary in size and are clearly visible at low tide. We had a stroll just when the water started to rise again. If you are into oysters, Cancale is definitely worth the excursion.

Travel by Train


We think traveling by train is not something just for railroad buffs. And, now a days, with modern high-speed trains, we don’t consider it ‘slow travel’ either. But, if you want to get a feeling of where you are going while you are getting there, the train is the way to go.


On this trip from Brittany to Corsica we decided to do it by train. From Saint Malo on the Atlantic Ocean in Brittany across France to Marseille on the Mediterranean Sea it took us less then 6 hours. We highly enjoyed the trip.


The TGV high-speed train, French style, is extremely comfortable and time flies at a speed of up to 320km/h.
So, on your next trip consider taking the train, it’s definitely worth it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Welcome to Gare de Marseille Saint Charles.

Corsica Ferry


Approaching a destination by boat has always been one of our favorite experiences. On this trip to the Isle of Beauty, Corsica, we decided to take the Ferry from Marseille to Bastia. We highly recommend approaching this wonderful island this way.


The ‘Meridionale’  left Marseille at 7 PM, just enough daylight to enjoy the vanishing city at sunset, then a drink at the bar, and afterwards dinner and time on the deck looking up at the sky and down at the rolling waves.

In the far distance, first a little dot on the horizon and as you get closer the place takes shape and the excitement gets its full play. You are there, almost there and most of the time it’s not a straight line. The boat takes its time while it moves along the coastline, and you get to see the land like on an enormous wide screen moving in front of you.


The cabins are modern, cozy, and it feels good to go to bed knowing when you wake up in the morning  you will peek out the porthole and see Corsica at sunrise. Breakfast in Bastia. We felt we made the right decision to ‘conquer’ the island. Here is were you can get info and book the Ferry.

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