Found - March 21, 2019

Found: Hand-Dyed Linen at Mas La Romaine

By Charlotte Beach

Sun-soaked grounds and sprawling vistas are just the beginning at Mas La Romaine in Provence, France. Owner and interior designer Meilin Bristiel restored the 18th-century art-filled home with eco-friendly updates for the lowest environmental impact, and is committed to continuing to make choices that better the planet.

And she’s not all talk. From her use of salvaged materials and vintage furnishings in the renovation, to her installation of a dry garden on the property, Meilin is an intently eco-conscious designer. After taking a class in vegetal dying of fabric, she’s also developed a line of sustainably hand-dyed linen items called Mei Line.

She locally-sources antique and vintage linens which she then transforms into hand bags, table clothes, cushions, bathrobes, and swimwear cover-ups through a vegetal pigment dying process that only produces biodegradable waste. Meanwhile, Mas La Romaine serves as the perfect backdrop for her product photos.

To rent Meilin Bristiel’s La Romaine Villa, please click here.