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What’s new? Throw open the windows to the eagerly approaching sun… with our latest light-filled additions to the BoutiqueHomes community…

Pictured above: Medina Riad Marrakech, Morocco. Sun-washed and sublime, the rooftop terrace on this peaceful riad in the heart of Marrakech’s medina is perfect for soaking in the last rays of the day. And when the heat rises, find shade in the cool of the courtyard.

what's newVia Rovani Milan, Italy

Wide open and wonderfully personal, this apartment in Milan exudes the effortless charm of a much-loved home. Every object appears to be in its natural habitat, creating a feeling of wellness ideal for an urban escape.

what's newVidovici Magazin Cres, Croat

Stop and smell the sea in this historic hilltop home in the village of Vidovici in Croatia. Designed by twin sisters with a passion for all things beautiful, this cozy converted farmhouse is sheltered within walled and terraced gardens ideal for drinking in the view.

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Tremezzina Villa Lake Como, Italy

Shimmering in the morning sun, Lake Como stirs beside this villa constructed entirely with handmade stone. Indoors, it is a fusion of modern comforts and rustic nostalgia, perfect for a week of late breakfasts and long dinners, with sun-drenched afternoons in between.

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Casa di Silvestro Rome, Italy

Bathed in colours and pregnant with ambience, this Art Nouveau apartment in Rome is a wonderland of details. Carefully laid tiles that speak of beautiful early days, rich dark wood, dreamy windows, and tumbling greenery feel deliciously lost in time.

what's newVigotas House Melgaço, Portugal

Sip and stare in the vineyards of Alvarhino, and find rest in a modern three-storey home with perfectly framed views of the surroundings it knows so well. This one is a gift for wine lovers, nature lovers, and those who don’t see the difference between the two.

what's newPorteous’ Studio Edinburgh, Scotland

Connect with the essential in this studio designed with a love for craftsmanship and an understanding of the necessity of having a room of one’s own in a bustling city.

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Manciuno Apartment Trento, Italy

Soft and sweet and bright all over, this apartment in the historic center of Trento lets the day in through generous windows and luscious natural textures. Before you think it’s all vanilla, look out for the highly enjoyable bold accents in the kitchen and bathroom.

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