Kristian Septimius Photography

At BoutiqueHomes we love getting to know the stories behind our properties, but this time we were happy to learn that the owner of Villa G in Umbria, Italy had an interesting story as well. Kristian Septimius is a Danish photographer educated in England, in 1987 he started his own studio in Copenhagen. His photography style has been shaped by his lifestyle, and those he shares it with, focusing on interior design and people. His wife Lise, is an interior decorator, visual coordinator and author. Together they have made 8-9 books, all on interior, travel and food.


“Working together has given us both the privilege of being more together in a busy and very productive life, full of travels and long working days. Through our work, we have seen and photographed thousands of homes, and when we return to our own home, it is so important to us, that we feel it is personal and inspiring to us. Although we are interior “geeks” and like modern design, we are also very unpretentious.  We love to mix modern with old – things we find on our journey through life. Odd items that carry with them a story or memory – it be something like the fabulous armchair that I found on the sidewalk – dumped because it smelled of cigar. We refurbished and cleaned it, and today it is one of my favorite chairs, when I am in the house in Italy.”


“In a world where things change so rapidly, I like to focus on the calm – the moments where we stop and reflect a bit – without it being deep or heavy stuff. Those good, almost tranquil moments, that one really has to tune into life, to be able to find and see. I often force myself to stay in one spot for a long time, when I come to a new place instead of hurrying around to take it all in, I aim to find the essence of that one spot, and if I succeed to capture it in the camera, I am double pleased. I my opinion this is what make it all worth while, as it is those moments that bring out the good stuff in us all – those moments we take with us and remember.”

We have put together a small Collection of the images you can find for sale at Villa G, all taken around Italy, not staged or preplanned. These photos on their walls are like a diary, they show where Kristian has been, all the beautiful places, moments and fantastic people he has met… enjoy!


Citta Di Castello: This woman is rushing up the steps to the Duomo in Citta di Castello. A brief summer shower has just started, making the stones shiny.


Ape_Scala: photographed a late afternoon in Scala – near the Amalfi coast. I waited for hours before this magic moment finally happened. The old woman hurrying up the street to fetch her groceries. The man in the Ape delivering groceries to the shop.


Horses: In the mountains of Tuscany this man was leading his horses home from the field. I love how the sunlight picks up the dust and the shine on the horses skin.


Priest: This priest descends from the famous Duomo di SantÁndrea Apostolo in Amalfi. The steps are extremely popular to visit, sit on and photograph, and it was a major challenge to get this picture.


Clock: This traveller alarm clock used to belong to the famous Danish writer Johannes V. Jensen – who amongst other titles wrote “The Fall of The King” in 1900.

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