Icelandic Stamps

The Alfanes Guesthouse  is a small modern house located in a low-lying peninsula a short distance from Reykjavík. If you step outside you will find yourself surrounded by sweeping country views, seascapes and mountain ranges – everything you could hope for from Iceland… then when we looked inside we were instantly intrigued by the colorful artwork on the wall. Is it a map? A collection?
We were surprised to find a Stamp Installation created by the owner himself. It started as a family collection, with many of them collected by him as a child. The images and graphics on the stamps represent important moments and facts about Icelandic history and nature; like volcanic eruptions, past presidents, writers, artists and pioneers for their culture as well as the beautiful Icelandic fauna and flora.
The owner (and artist) shares: “In the process I felt the stamps would be coherent for the concept we were creating for the house, with the emphasis being on unique Icelandic design, nature and culture. I wanted to display the stamps in a dynamic, organic, explosive way, just as the culture, design and history are dynamic, colorful, playful and dramatic.”
We love the inspiration, the story and the result of a family hobby made into art.
Any comments?