Hipcamp: At the Forefront of Land Sharing


Hipcamp, a discovery platform geared towards the curious, the wild, the adventurous, and the ecologically minded is at the forefront of a new way to experience the outdoors- land sharing. We are always keen to explore new ideas in hospitality and Hipcamp’s model is a positive step towards getting people to go outside, spend more time in nature, and have a unique camping experience.


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With over 60% of the land in the United States privately owned, the possibility of never getting to see some of the most beautiful parts of the country becomes very real. While we love beautiful homes, we also love a beautiful and vast backyard. Why not make use of the space?

Now private landowners can play a big part in providing that access while also earning extra money. Seems to work for everyone. Campers can escape the crowds, reconnect with nature and experience a new way of travel. Some of the listings on the site involve the nation’s public parks and campgrounds as well as spots on ranches, farms, vineyards and land preserves. Camping on private land has just become very easy and Hipcamp’s wide array of options are mind expanding.


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According to Hipcamp founders, finding a campsite should not be such a time-consuming, convoluted and confusing process. On that premise, the site now does all the hard work of curating, gathering, and discovering owners who appreciate the new model. It seems like a successful concept so far and an inspiring way to make people’s wild dreams come true. Most importantly, money earned through Hipcamp can help landowners keep their land privately held, rather than parceled off to public entities for development. It is essential to the future of our planet that much of this land remains undeveloped to maintain wilderness habitats and corridors that allow plants and animals to thrive and migrate naturally.


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