Green Glass Bottles

Portugal continues to surprise us with rich history and cool style. The Alentejo House in Estremoz, is an early twentieth century farmhouse with a rustic refinement that is both timeless and modern. It combines simple country living and chic contemporary style… and it is home to this cool collection of Green Glass Bottles.

The usage of these bottles dates back 80 to 100 years ago. They were used to store wine and brandy in the wine cellars. They were made of glass because of its resistance to the microorganisms and the green color protected the wine from the light which ensures a slower aging and the preservation of its characteristics.

“I have always liked the diversity and irregularity of its artisanal shapes and the spectrum of greens. Some of the bottles on our collection date back to the 1950’s. They were acquired over the years in the antique markets around Estremoz.”

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