Graanmarkt 13: Concept Living in Antwerp

There’s something awfully pleasing about concept spaces. Being able to walk into one building and never have to leave is a concept quickly reaching a peak, as people search for innovative ways to experience hospitality. Hotels no longer have to be only hotels, and shops no longer have to only sell. The real thrill lies in the unknown, in walking into a building and being completely surprised.


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In comes Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp’s most chic townhouse. Graanmarkt 13 is the leading authority for innovation in hospitality in Belgium, and although is has not been open for long, it has made an impact in the way people experience hospitality. The remarkable home, store, restaurant, and gallery concept occupies an entire townhouse in the center of Antwerp with the traditional building being reworked by Vincent Van Duysen, one of Belgium’s most renowned architects. Described as ‘their best kept secret’, Graanmarkt 13 is a passion project of utmost creativity and personal touch.



The well curated selection is a natural process to owners TimVan Geloven and Ilse Cornelissens, reflecting their elevated personal taste.  Mixing everyday pieces with more rare finds gives the space a relaxed but curated feel. If you are ever curious to know more about a special product or design seen throughout the space, the owners are more than happy to share stories, as they believe the people behind everything they bring into Graanmarkt 13 are the most interesting.  We agree.

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From hand-picked pieces for retail to a sustainable restaurant and zen apartment rental, founders Tim  and Ilse have created the ultimate shopping and dining destination for the modern traveler.

You can book Graanmark13’s ‘home’ here on Boutique Homes.

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