Why Glamping is Here to Stay

Glamping. Any questions left about the meaning of this word? Hopefully not, it’s as self explanatory as they come. While the concept of camping has been around for hundreds of years, the idea of a glam camping experience has really only began to blossom and enter the travel scene in the last decade or so.


But if we look back in time, we can see that the idea of glamping was already around, it was just very exclusive and new. It’s almost as if not to question the integrity of the real camping experience people chose to not talk about the fact that camping could actually be done without the hardships. As with any other type of travel, there are preferences, and people have the freedom to choose how they want to travel. Yet, glamping felt like cheating and that is why it took so look for the idea to become mainstream.


In the 1920s, the African safari became the thing to do among wealthy Brits and Americans.  Members of that elite yearned to be close to nature and already had the means to do so without compromising in comfort and luxury. Those aristocrats in search of adventure were certainly not willing to rough it out and they didn’t have to.  From electric generators, to folding baths, and cases of champagne, those travelers were afforded every domestic luxury while on adventure. But again, it was all very new and exclusive.

As the concept of luxury evolved with time and our access to information and tools became revolutionized by industrialization, the way people traveled also changed. Being in close proximity to nature is one of the main pre requisites for traveling in the modern age. While a high percentage of travelers chose cities, most will choose a destination that allows them to experience a connection to the earth, that being via parks, day trips, or even gardens. Our busy lives and schedules often times prevents us from being exposed to all the beauty the world has to offer and for that very reason, the outdoors are now topping the list of travel destinations. While safaris and trekking trails are exciting, people still want to know that there will be comfort and relaxation at the end of their long day of exploring.


The idea of glamping pairs destinations with the intimacy of camping and the world of luxury travel. Imagine visiting a remote island overlooking a tropical jungle in your 4-star treehouse appointed with the luxuries you would find at any high-end resort. Whether you choose to stay at an all inclusive camp for adults or a remote desert resort, what matters is that innovation is here and we can be as creative as we like when it comes to using our time wisely.


Now, the big question is: can glamping be considered camping or does the word belong in its own category? That is not to be answered by us but it is something to think about. Perhaps we now have a new way of travel that can stand on its own without association to other similar concepts. The fact that more people can enjoy the outdoors than ever before can be owed to glamping, which as a concept embraces more than divides. It’s not necessarily pricey, a lot of the amenities available in glamping  are often done sustainably and without fuss. With that, if you are feeling adventurous but not that adventurous, we have a whole category here on Boutique Homes dedicated to luxury camping options. Enjoy!

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