pot hanger

From Pot Hanger to Coat Hanger

Restored to bring out the house’s traditional character and structural features, Vidovici 9 in the Island of Cres, Croatia, has an interesting mix of contemporary and provincial style. When the owners were cleaning the house before the construction, they found a pot hanger made by hand out of cast iron.

This piece is a couple of hundred years old. It was a staple in every house in the Vidovici Village, originally used to hang cooking pots over an open fire. It had a simple system to regulate the heat: the less heat you wanted, the higher on the chain you would position the pot. Of course, there was no electricity in the house, so all the cooking was done in the fireplace.

 pot hanger

“Rural pieces usually have impeccable aesthetics and we were attracted by the simplicity of the design and the system of operation,” explained Ingrid and Nataša. “So we got this idea of using the pot hanger as a clothes hanger. The new purpose required no conversion, and the piece only needed a good scrub to remove the rust, then we painted it black.”

The final product is tucked in under the black steel staircase, bringing out the house’s traditional character. We love when an old utility gets a new purpose.

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