Found - March 08, 2022

Found: The Hanging Beds at Villa Icaria

By Roshan McArthur

Villa Icaria was created by a family of architects and, as you explore its rooms, more of their creativity reveals itself. The home, which sits on the banks of the Tagus River in Spain, is an imaginative space made up of a cluster of limestone cubes, and its interiors feature some delightful designs. Case in point: the hanging beds in the Pasaje Room.

A set of bunks that are attached to both ceilings and walls, they turn an almost industrial bedroom into an adventure playground. We asked owner Fernando to tell us the story behind their creation, and the first thing he explains is that Villa Icaria is not only a house for rent, but it's also his family's country house, which they use to escape from Madrid. 

"My wife and I are the architects of Villa Icaria," he tells us. "We have three small girls, and we wanted the house to be also a space to develop their freedom, playing and imagination. Therefore, we decided to build the beds to enrich the room space, generating different levels. When we started this, our youngest daughter was a baby, so we only made two hanging beds; soon we may complete the three."

His wife Cristina designed the structures, simulating two hanging houses inside the existing adult house, and Fernando helped their blacksmith to create the metal forms. 

"I think the beds are a very good example of the interior design of the house," he says. "We wanted to explore and to achieve a unique result with limited means. Hope we were close!"

Fernando and Cristina have been surprised at how their kids use the beds, as climbing frames as well as places to sleep, and the room has quickly become one of the favorite spots in the house for their daughters and their friends.  A flexible space, it sleeps an ever-expanding number of kids on mattresses and futon mats.

Whether you have kids or not, experience the hanging beds in person by booking a stay at Villa Icaria here.