Found - October 26, 2016

Found: Mini Lampshades at Villa G & Pianaura Suites

By Mariana Campbell

Every detail our owners add to their chic properties is part of the story they are trying to tell. We love finding the coolest ones and learning more about what makes them so unique.

This time we went to one country: Italy, and in two different regions and two very different houses, we found one similar trend: mini lampshades.

In the picturesque area of Umbria, sitting in the middle of an oak forest you will find Villa G, a modern homage to the past with personal touches that make your eye travel and your imagination wander.

The beautiful lampshades found here have been collected by the owner over the years. Some from Danish flee markets, some from friends or family. They are decoratively piled on top of each other, and like so many other things in the house, they have a nice personal history.

A few miles north, in the beautiful region of Valpolicella set on a hill above the vineyards you will find our Pianaura Suites. A chic duo of suites that have been creatively restored with a unique selection of retro details and vintage treasures.

The idea for the “Rain of Lampshades” came after seeing something similar done by British artist James Plumb. The owners liked it so much they decided to recreate it with sunnier colors and in harmony with the tones of the Suite. They found the lampshades in a small shop in Verona that doesn’t exist anymore.

We loved finding these two similar, yet unique ideas in two distant regions of one country, and truly appreciated the individual and creative reuse of the antiques.

To stay at Villa G, click here. To visit Pianaura Suites, click here.