Forma Artwork

Modica is a beautiful town in Sicily full of history and architecture. There, perched high above the city with spectacular views, you will find our  Casa Alchimia. A stylish and creative home with a light, elegant style, and an interesting handpicked selection of art created by the owner.
Right away the red and white artwork catches our eye… and even though we love the different interpretations the observers may have, we thought we’d go straight to the source and have the artist, Luca Giannini, take us through his creative process.
“First of all I have to say that it is always hard for me to give a clear explanation of my works, since they come from a sort of inner urgency which is often rooted in the unconscious. Nevertheless I will try to give you some indication, being aware that the observer may perceive different meanings which are as interesting as mine and are able to enrich the work itself.
This painting represents, on the right side, a part of a whale tail, a shape which I often use in my paintings as a symbol of the clash between man and nature (someone also sees a sort of crucifixion in it). On the left side, is the plan of an ancient archeological site called “Tomba di Giganti” (Tomb of Giants) which I visited on a travel to Sardegna and found surprisingly similar to my symbol: about 3000 years ago an ancient civilization erected these mysterious stone shrines for the worship of the dead and of natural gods, and now they say that these stones have a strong curative power for those who lay down on them.
So, in this painting the contemporary world and ancient times are connected, as well as Nature and Mother Earth, and the reminder of a faraway age when mankind could feel sacred laws and a deeper respect for the Planet. In general my art projects often focus on the problem of eco-sustainability, and that’s why, when building our hideaways, I was committed to find special spaces where the charming Sicilian atmospheres could blend with environmental issues and my artworks to evoke an original, exclusive sense of well-being.”
Name: “Forma” (shape)
Painted in Rome, 2009 – It is an iron framed diptych.
Size: 145 x 164 cm
Technique: Lime plaster, acrylic and enamel on board.
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