Tommy Schuch

Far Meadow by Tommy Schuch

Photographer Tommy Schuch worked for three years as manager at Far Meadow in California’s High Sierras, and while he was there he captured these dazzling images of the landscape. The image above was shot in the Back Meadow in the early morning. As he tells us, “This was late fall during a freezing morning as the sun warmed up the ground, producing fog bands in the calm dead air.”

Tommy has led what he describes as an unconventional life, working as a TV tower climber and engaging in extreme sports like rock climbing, paragliding and speed flying. He has been a professional photographer for over a decade, with clients including well-known outdoor clothing companies, and a picture he took at the Grand Teton National Park was selected by National Geographic as one of the best of 2018.

“A lot of my free time at Far Meadow was spent exploring and rock climbing,” he remembers. “It was life changing, to say the least. It’s just such a magical place out there. The energy rivals that of Yosemite but without the massive crowds. Just the concentration of areas to explore is endless, with the groves of giant Sequoia trees to the 200ft hidden waterfall to these massive granite monoliths. They’re just endless. You could explore for years.”

It’s a journey, he says, that’s well worth the effort, not least for the intimacy it gives you. “You go to Yosemite Valley and you’re just in this slow-moving train of vehicles,” he explains. “You go up to Far Meadow, and you have this place that’s comparable. It’s not as grand, but in its own way it’s amazing. And you have all of it to yourself.”

The road to Far Meadow which is the Scenic Highway.

Tommy Schuch

An area known as “The Balls”, approximately 9 miles from Far Meadow, heading up Beasore Road.

Tommy Schuch

One of the many amazing views on the hike to Jackass Lakes from the Main Trail.

This photo was shot from the summit of Fresno Dome, an easy to moderate hike, an accessible drive down 6s10x from Far Meadow.

Balloon Dome from the top of Piyau Dome.

Sunrise on the back property of Far Meadow. The light beams shining through the trees making some amazing visuals.

A river pool that flows into Mammoth Pools Reservoir.

Sunset at the base of a rock formation known as The Sphinx.

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