Lindsey Bro

Cabin Love meets Far Meadow

We just had the pleasure of hosting Cabin Love‘s Lindsey Bro and photographer Laura Austin at our Far Meadow cabins in California. They sent these great pictures back, along with some very kind words on Instagram.

Lindsey Bro, who knows cabins better than most, described the Red A Frame as “truly one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. One of my favorite things about cabins is what I like to call the ‘Approach + Reveal’ and this one’s got it on lock. Tucked in a pine grove, next to a meadow, just across the way and over a stream… I have to say, @boutiquehomes this has been one of my favorite stays.”

Lindsey Bro

Lindsey Bro

Laura was visiting to take pictures for our website, and stayed in the Log Cabin. “I believe my last-second decision to skip town and head up to Yosemite turned out to be a VERY good idea,” she reported back. “Thank you so much @boutiquehomes for inviting me to this magical place you have created known as @far_meadow.”

We were delighted to discover that Lindsey and Laura got to know each other around the campfire and became friends.

“Cabin time is recharge time,” Lindsey added. “It takes a little longer to cook, to make coffee, to get from here to there; it (hopefully) lets you disconnect, asks you to stop staring at screens and start staring at stars. Yeah, cabin life is a pretty good life.”

We couldn’t agree more. And thank you, ladies. It was our pleasure!

Far Meadow is located way off the beaten track – 14 miles above Bass Lake in the Sierra Nevada National Forest, close to Yosemite National Park. If you’d like to book your own stay in one of the cabins, you can find Far Meadow here. Read our interview with Lindsey Bro here and with Laura Austin here.

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