Fall in Yosemite

Thanks to Allegra Rose B. and Samuel Elkins for featuring our Black A-Frame in this great video tour of Yosemite. The couple stopped by in mid-October, on a journey that also took in Mammoth and June Lakes.

Samuel, an LA-based portrait and commercial photographer, and Allegra, a photographer, graphic designer and stylist, are deeply inspired by “the whimsy of the unordinary, the beauty of creation, and the freedom to never settle.” We know the feeling…

The epitome of chic nomads, they take to the road (or sky) three to four times a month, internationally, to a new state, on a weekend road trip, or on a flying visit to their families in Seattle and the Rocky Mountains.

The essentials of a good journey? “Along with being passionate about photography, we are both drawn to modern and minimal architectural styles. We love staying in places that have plenty of natural light, beautiful design, and unique touches.”

And the perfect escape? “A weekend away in nature: either camping in Sam’s land cruiser or a little cabin, with plenty of film to shoot, a bottle of wine, and no schedule at all except an idea of the best place to hike and watch the sunset.”

Located on the old coach road to Yosemite, the Black A-Frame is just that — a classic design that allows you to co-exist gently with the natural world around it. Says Allegra, “The Black A-Frame is the dreamiest little getaway perfect for two. It was such a peaceful retreat nestled in the woods. We loved the amazing golden afternoon light that would pour in through the large windows of the cabin. We also loved the sleeping loft and its little window where we could see the stars at night.”

Check it out for yourself here.

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