Eclectic dreams

Eclectic Dreams

Eclectic dreams… This week, we take you from olive groves to islands, and countryside to city center, with new properties that respect and reflect the charm of their surroundings. Contemporary or historic, minimalist or rustic, there’s something for everyone here.


Eclectic Dreams

Casa Luum Sant Barbara de Nexe, Portugal

Milky whites and botanical delights… The owner of this contemporary gem worked with Lisbon-based botanical architects Sigmetum who cultivated seeds from the wild to ensure that the garden grows with the land’s endemic species. Local herbs and aromatic plants abound, perfect for your cooking, infusions, or aromatic treatments.


Eclectic Dreams

Sant Josep Villa Ibiza, Spain

Rustic futuristic organic… This home in Ibiza is a step into pure imagination. Adapted from a 200-year-old traditional payesa, it is grazed with surreal Gaudi-esque forms and Mediterranean style that feel like long deep breaths.


Eclectic Dreams

Tielrode Townhouse Tielrode, Belgium

Living art… literally! Everything about this historical townhouse in Tielrode exudes artistic sensibility. The natural lime plaster of its perfectly imperfect walls appears as a work of art in itself, beside the conceptual pieces of owners and design duo Sofie Lachaert and Luc Dhanis. Perfect for art lovers seeking an affordable getaway!


Eclectic Dreams

Poe Apartment Mexico City, Mexico

Escape to the sky… Gallivant all day in the streets of CDMX then put your feet up in this high-rise apartment in the coveted neighborhood of Polanco. Layered with lovely objects and plush furnishings, it’s like coming home to your pied-à-terre.


Eclectic Dreams

Domus Sbircio Modica, Sicily, Italy

A haven in history… Tucked away in the labyrinthine alleys of Modica’s historic city center, this townhouse pays quiet tribute to its UNESCO heritage surroundings. The owners engaged artisans and craftsmen to carefully unveil the beauty that time had forgotten — and discovered an ancient cave along the way!

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