Found - August 12, 2021

Found: Earth Tones and Found Art at Albox House

By Roshan McArthur

Given its location in a remote part of Andalusia, off the beaten path and surrounded in nature, it's not entirely surprising that this elegantly simple Spanish cabin was inspired by the world around it. The creation of two artists, Danish-Norwegian photographer Morten Bjarnhof and Korean-Japanese fashion hairstylist Aliina Jun, Albox House is painted in soothing earth tones, complemented by artworks that blend right in. 

There's a great story attached to the art, but first those colors...

As Aliina explains, "We chose the colors of the house by looking around at what would best reflect the nature around the house. There are many earthy shades, like browns and sand within the soil. We brought these inside the house to create a cradle of the natural colors of the land.

"The white borders were added to honor the traditions of Spanish village houses," she continues. "The whitewashed towns in the mountains paint their exteriors with a border of blue or grey, and we chose to bring this inside in a warm white shade."

In the kitchen there's a surprising pop of bold yellow, which Aliina explains was inspired by spring desert flowers. "The whole landscape transforms during spring into a field of flowers, and we also found the pink exterior color from one of the flowers in the dry riverbed next to the house."

Creating this home has clearly been a carefully considered process. When we asked Aliina about the art that blends so perfectly with the wall colors, we discovered that these are in fact their own creations, composed from objects the couple have found while walking the dry riverbeds of the surrounding badlands, or Desierto de Tabernas. 

Like "stray dogs", they brought pieces home and started giving them new life. As an artist, Aliina is heavily influenced by Tansaekhwa, a monochrome painting style that emerged in Korea in the mid-Seventies, where artists soaked canvases, ripped paper, and pushed paint to manipulate their art into original shapes. ​

When it came to placing their art in the home, they went with their intuition. "The gold piece was lovely to look at and contemplate from the sofa," she says.

"A white soothing piece was placed in the bedroom to create a light atmosphere, and the red piece next to the sofa adds a bit of texture and colour to the earthy shades."

Whenever Morten and Aliina stay at the house, they continue to meditate and create artworks using materials they find scattered in the wilderness around them. And the result of their artistry and careful curation is a space that's perfect not only for getting away from it all but also for unleashing your own creativity. 

Photographs courtesy of Morten Bjarnhof & Aliina Jun.