Dogs on the road

On the road again…  We can’t resist a great vintage trailer or a cute face. Put ’em together and it’s a home run of design, function and fun. Hit the road with the pooch in cool vintage style with these fantastic creations by Canadian designer Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs, and let the world know your pal has flawless taste and style.

Judson Beaumont

Inspired by great original brands like Airstream, Shasta and Avion and by classic family vacations, Judson Beaumont crafted these chic and playful concepts for dog owners that refuse to leave their friend behind.

The Saskatchewan-born designer is known for his one-of-a-kind designs that are unique, inspiring and always functional. And we think he’s hit it out of the park with these. Choose from Pet Camper (a mini Airstream for seriously cool campers), Dog LVR or My Baby. Made from recyclable materials, these trailers are customizable, so your furry nomad friend can add a personalized license plate, some mood lighting and even a stereo system for style, comfort and effortless cool on the go.

Road trips are now more dog friendly than ever with these seriously stylish and portable dog trailers. Road warriors everywhere rejoice!

Judson BeaumontJudson BeaumontJudson Beaumontpet trailer

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