Dazzling Desert Blooms Emerge in Death Valley

We’ve waited…and waited for that precious rainfall here in the south west and, when El Nino finally unleashed it’s sweet relief, we not only welcomed the long awaited storms, we knew that soon the local deserts would be ablaze with colorful and dazzling desert blooms.

With vast, dramatic expanses of rugged rocky landscapes, jagged peaks and endless sky, the desert’s stark terrain has an almost lunar beauty. And each year there’s a tiny window of opportunity to catch an elusive and thrilling phenomenon that transforms the harsh rocky landscape into a spectacular riot of colorful life with dazzling desert blooms.


Photo by AP


When the rains recede and before the relentless heat arrives, the desert unleashes brief moments of seasonal beauty  with desert blooms that have laid dormant and hidden beneath the surface. Relying entirely on ideal climate conditions, the super bloom differs from one year to the next. Sprouting miraculous quantities and varieties of native flowers, the spectacle brings people from around the world to marvel at the annual phenomenon.

Death Valley’s reputation as the hottest and driest place in North America make it one of the most unlikely locations for delicate blooms but the area is currently experiencing a rare “super bloom” that carpets the valley floor in a dazzling display. The best viewing is at the south end of Furnace Creek with some of the heartier varieties lasting through May at higher elevations. The most dominant variety are the Desert Gold daisies which just happens to be the name of one of our favorite properties and the perfect place to stay while you’re here.


The desert is fascinating anytime of year and this location is as mythical and mind blowing in it’s vast, austere beauty as this house is vibrant and lively and reminds us of nature’s amazing and surprising resiliency. Rare and fleeting, you’ll want to come and see the colorful show before it’s gone!


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