Conversation with Charlotte Taylor

When we discovered that London-based designer Charlotte Taylor was visiting Trullo di Luna, one of a cluster of trulli in Italy’s Itria Valley, we had to find out what she thought of it.

For the uninitiated, trulli are dry-stone huts with conical roofs, unique to Puglia where they were traditionally used as agricultural dwellings or storehouses. They have an enchanting, almost fairytale quality that defies their rather humble origins, and this particular structure really stands out. Unlike many trulli in the region that have been whitewashed, it has been left unfinished, and its interiors sparsely decorated in earthy neutrals with exposed stone, little alcoves and archways.

Charlotte’s work, a cross-discipline portfolio that uses architectural space as its central theme, shares this rather enchanting quality. She’s an interior designer, set designer, creative director, illustrator, one half of London-based dellostudio with Oscar Piccolo, and her platform maison_de_sable, which started as a showcase for her 3D design concepts, has recently become a studio for collaborations with other visual artists to design fictional spaces, interiors and homes.

So what did she make of this unusual dwelling – and of the restoration work being done in Puglia right now? We checked in with her to find out.

As a designer, what do you look for when you travel?

Charlotte Taylor: “A lot of my travels are planned around visiting architecture, from historical homes and more contemporary architect-built buildings to public spaces and monuments. I draw inspiration from all styles, eras and details of architecture. My work is an amalgamation of research and travel, patching together all the elements that excite me into one cohesive space.”

What were you looking for specifically in Puglia?

CT: “My partner is looking to buy a house in Puglia as a renovation project, and the trip was primarily to visit potential plots. I have also been dying to see my friend, architect Andrew Trotter‘s work in the flesh for some time!”

What drew you to Trullo di Luna?

CT: “The space itself is simple yet rich in poetic and thoughtful details. I was initially attracted to the property due to its understated yet beautiful interior combined with the light. This is something that stood out to me straight away and certainly didn’t fail to impress in person! We had the most brilliant stay.”

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Had you ever stayed in a trullo before?

CT: “No, it was my first time even stepping foot in a trullo! The space had such a calming and warm energy that has such a history. The entire experience of the stay, inclusive of the surrounding landscape, Argo the lovable dog that became our shadow, evenings cooking on the terrace and the friendly hosts, made the trip a stand-out holiday.”

Where else did you stay on this trip?

CT: “We stayed in Lecce for a few nights on arriving in Puglia to experience the city before the countryside. I had the pleasure of visiting Villa Cardo and Masseria Moroseta with a tour by Andrew Trotter. Will definitely try to stay there next time!”

Andrew Trotter is a remarkable designer, and clearly we love his work. What struck you about the spaces he has created?

CT: “The attention to detail and perspective views in his buildings were very striking for me. I loved the little alcoves and stepped details that touch on traditional Puglian architecture whilst maintaining a very contemporary and personal style. The way the different properties converse with each other through a shared architectural language is also very inspiring.”

What ideas have you brought home with you?

CT: “The landscapes and Puglian architecture are the things that really stuck with me from the trip. Discovering the traditional homes and structures, particularly the humble lamia is something I’m continuing to explore.”

We’re obviously like-minded! What do you like about BoutiqueHomes?

CT: “It is quite a recent discovery for me so Puglia was the first time using the site for accommodation. I have however used it prior to this for reference and research purposes as it has such a wealth of stunning architect-designed homes. I actually came across a few architects I wasn’t aware of previously.

“I love how easy the site is to navigate for whichever sort of property you are searching for, with the different collections across countries, budgets and styles.”

To visit Trullo di Luna click here. To explore Andrew Trotter’s designs, start here.

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