Captains Rest

Conversation with Sarah Andrews, Captains Rest

We recently added Captains Rest to our collection — a great little cottage located in Lettes Bay Village, Tasmania. It’s a deeply intimate space, the very personal vision of designer Sarah Andrews, and filled with treasures found on her travels.

An adventurous spirit with an old soul, Sarah has been traveling the world almost obsessively for many years, returning home to Western Australia with tales of capsizing boats and paintings of salty old sea dogs. A spatial scientist by training, she recently ran a design consultancy for remote, rural areas, but these days describes herself as a stylist, storyteller, creator, collaborator, photographer, adventurer and sailor of the Seven Seas.

Naturally, we had to find out more…

Why do you travel?

SA: “It’s wanderlust. When I couldn’t travel the lands any more (I had run out of countries to visit!), I started sailing the oceans.”

We love the vintage oil paintings in the house. How long have you been collecting them?

SA: “All my life. My mum bought one when I was in her tummy. I have an obsession with the old, and always wonder about stories that have been lost to time. Age and mystery are so beautiful.”

When we spoke to you before, you mentioned losing all of your possessions at sea… what happened?

SA: “On a dark night in 2008, I was sailing across the Pacific Ocean when a harrowing storm sank my boat off the coast of Mexico, and left me stranded. I was living on the boat at the time, so I lost everything I had on her – including my paintings.”

How did Captains Rest come about?

SA: “After losing my boat, I spent several years trying to find ways to replace both it and the incomparable feeling of being one with the water. I eventually spotted an ad for a run-down cottage on the Tasmanian coast and bought it, sight unseen. I was determined to bring back its lost character and charm.”

What are your design influences in the house?

SA: “I had to think long and hard about this! I can’t really pinpoint anything other than what is inside of my head tends to seep out. I have tried to look at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration from the experts, but it always comes back to this – how I want my space always suits me more. The common thread in all my projects is a sense of authenticity, a feeling of walking into a story that you never want to end.”

Captains RestCaptains RestCaptains RestCaptains RestCaptains Rest


Stay at Captains Rest here. Read more about Sarah’s art collection here.

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