Pierre-Baptiste Donsimoni

Conversation with Pierre-Baptiste Donsimoni

What an amazing wilderness: 16 hectares of maquis, pine and olive trees above the gulf of Calvi in Corsica, with unique views of the sea and the mountains. At barely 10 minutes from a beautiful sandy beach and a tiny international airport, Bergerie Above Calvi is an ideal spot to enjoy the light and fragrances of Corsica. Here, space creates intimacy, nature inspires creativity, and landscape awakens sensuality. There is a kind of freedom here that gives you a feeling of eternity. Let’s take a tour under the sun with Pierre-Baptiste Donsimoni, the owner of this beautiful vacation rental in Corsica.

Pierre-Baptiste Donsimoni, your domain is so huge, so private and at the same time so close to the the old town, the harbor and the beach of Calvi. A spot like this one seems impossible to find and yet, we are here, surrounded by the silence, light and perfumes of Corsica. How is it possible?

Pierre-Baptiste Donsimoni: “I have 16 hectares of natural and agricultural land that belonged to my family. I grow olive trees and endemic plants called immortelles, known for their very strong and particular perfume. I sell it to produce bio and essential oils from the maquis [dense scrub vegetation native to Corsica]. At the top of this farm, I have a few stone houses and old bergeries. In these houses, hidden in the maquis, I welcome guests from all around the world.

“Here, everything is made to provide space and privacy at the same time. I remember one of my guests from BoutiqueHomes, a director from Canada who came with his wife and child. He told me: ‘I was in Paris for three weeks, and it was too long. I have been here for three weeks, and I don’t want leave any more.’ It’s the magic of this place. You feel quiet and free, and you don’t need to move because you have almost everything you need nearby. Even an international airport! For me, this is a kind of paradise.”

A kind of luxury?

PD: “Luxury has to do with luck. I used to be an engineer for big companies, and I often stayed in luxury hotels. One day, I told myself: come on, you feel better here, in Corsica, on your family land! Here, I work very hard and I earn less money than before, but I’m conscious of my luck. I have space, and I enjoy this unique spot and the view. This is definitely real luxury today. This is why I own Calvi Loft too. A small apartment with a great view of the sea. The idea is the same: a unique spot and view.”

You told me about your Canadian client from BoutiqueHomes. For you, what makes a guest from BoutiqueHomes different from others?

PD: “I can say that all my guests are interested and curious about Corsica and my bergerie. Some clients arrive here and, when they leave, the place is exactly the same. Most of them do not change anything. But clients from BoutiqueHomes have something more: they are creative. A guest from BH brings his artistic way of thinking and living. He moves this table, he disposes the furniture in a different way, he brings flowers and light, and sometimes he leaves a part of him, like a drawing… Something happens with him because he improves things, and I have to say that I learn a lot from this kind of guest. It’s a real pleasure for me”.

To stay at this vacation rental in Corsica, Bergerie Above Calvi, please click here.

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