Conversation with Olivia Lopez of @lustforlife

Style influencer, self-confessed professional tourist and general purveyor of the aspirational life, Olivia Lopez of @lustforlife recently spent a few days at Il Convento in Brando, Corsica. A beautifully-restored former convent in the heart of the mountains and the maquis, it’s the perfect decor for her sublime photographs, and right in line with her love for the sea.  Naturally, we got in touch with the lovely Angeleno to talk travel, time off and vacation homes.


What did you enjoy most about Il Convento?

OL: “What I enjoyed the most about Il Convento was the location—it’s perched on a hilltop that overlooks a forest framed by the Tyrrhenian sea. It was a picture-perfect escape.”

What do you look for in a vacation home?

OL: “Something remote, romantic with a stunning view.”


What do you prefer–vacation home rentals or boutique hotels?

OL: “I love both! I love boutique hotels if I’m traveling in a city but prefer vacation homes for remote getaways on holiday with family and friends.”

What do you think every vacation home should have?

OL: “Board games and a fully-equipped kitchen.”

What’s your idea of luxury?

OL: “Exclusive and discreet with a highly-tuned eye for details.”


What is your deciding factor when choosing a travel destination?

OL: “If there’s a beach nearby or a charming town with market stalls and great food.”

What is your preferred architectural/interior style for a vacation home?

OL: “It varies depending on where I am in the world, but I love properties that play on the unique features of the surrounding environment.”

City, countryside, mountain, or sea?

OL: “Countryside and the sea in the summer, city and mountain in fall and winter.”

What’s your ideal vacation?

OL: “Boating to a sleepy coastal town or village and eating simple but gourmet fare everyday while I’m there.”



If you share Olivia’s @lustforlife, you can check out Il Convento’s Tyrrhenian view here. To read more about Olivia’s stay, click here.


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