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Conversation with Christian Sarubi

When it comes to design, Christian Sarubi is a jack of all trades. After a seven-year spell in Toronto designing jewelry, he returned to his native Mexico City eight years ago and started designing boutique home rentals. With a growing collection of properties throughout the city’s wildly diverse neighborhoods, he’s been indulging his love of design in colorful and playful spaces filled with eclectic vintage finds. We’ve really been enjoying getting to know Christian and his work, and we thought we’d share a little about him.

Christian SarubiChristian SarubiChristian SarubiChristian SarubiChristian SarubiChristian Sarubi


Christian Sarubi, how would you describe your style?

CS: “I am a self-taught interior designer, and creating boutique short-term rentals gives me the opportunity to learn while having creative freedom. I think I’m still exploring a style, but I always feel inclined to a timeless, chic, rich yet simple space. Bauhaus design and its lines always make a peekaboo in my apartments.”

How do you choose your homes?

CS: “I find the space chooses itself. My partner and I walk in, and the apartment speaks. It can say, ‘Listen, I have great potential, just look at my bones.’ Or maybe it’s a view that speaks. Then we just feel it and imagine it. Maybe there is a piece of furniture in the warehouse that I have been waiting to use, or maybe there is something I have been waiting to try, and this place is just perfect for it.”

Does each home have its own unique concept?

CS: “Yes, since they are all very different properties, in architecture and also location. In the more bohemian neighborhoods Roma and Condesa, we tend to make them more fun. In upscale Polanco, we always try to keep a certain level of sophistication.”

What are some of the more unusual features we’ll find in your homes?

CS: “I visit the antique markets frequently so I am always acquiring something interesting, especially vintage lamps. I just can’t resist when I find something amazing! I live in a small apartment, and my boyfriend will not let me bring one more item into the house. So my guests are the lucky ones!”

What do you love about your hometown?

CS: “I love its diversity and how real it feels. I love the food, the architecture and the mix of people. I love that you can be surprised by the unexpected.”

What do you look for when you travel?

CS: “I am as much of a foodie as I am a design fan, so my trips are very much planned based on the food, and my stays are chosen, after location, on design 100%. I believe that good design is paramount for the mind to relax, so definitely staying at a well-designed space is part of what I call a holiday.”

Christian SarubiChristian SarubiChristian SarubiChristian SarubiChristian Sarubi


To stay in one of Christian Sarubi’s homes, browse our collection here.

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