Andre Antunes

Conversation with Andre Antunes

Draw a triangle between a rice field, a pine tree forest and the Atlantic ocean, and build a house inside it! This is Modern by the Sea, a contemporary home where the exceptional sounds and light of the Alentejo and the nearby ocean create a relaxing place. Andre Antunes, journalist and executive producer for a Portuguese TV channel, comes here with his family whenever they can, to enjoy a holiday or weekend together while the rest of the time, travelers from around the world benefit from this tastefully designed house near Comporta.

Andre, why are you renting your fine house?

Andre Antunes: “There are plenty of houses to rent in Portugal but some of them with no personality. With Modern by the Sea, we wanted to be different because we want to rent our house according to our standard:  a well-designed home with fine décor. Here, our tenants can appreciate what we love and they respect our home. Because this IS our home where our family lives at least five weeks out of the year. They feel it and sometimes even leave gifts for us!”

What kind of relationship do you have with them?

AA: “I always come from Lisbon to welcome my tenants because I think it’s good to know them and they want to know me. They realize that this house belongs to someone with a face, not only a contact through a website. This is why we have many good reviews on BoutiqueHomes. Some of them have come back for three years! This is not by chance, it’s because they love our concept here. For example, they love this large coffee table with shells and sand inside because we’ve shared that it’s a tribute to my wife’s grandfather. This kind of detail is important to them, especially guests from BoutiqueHomes. They are exceptional. They are educated and curious at the same time. They want a different concept, they want a new experience.”

How did you find a place like this one, so close to the ocean and at the same time, so close to the forest too?

AA: “Our family found this land by chance and fell in love with the area. It’s near a wild and protected beach and only an hour and a half from Lisbon. From the house, you can see the protected wetlands with birds and animals, smell the pine tree forest and hear the waves of the Atlantic. Even if you are in the living room, or in the pool built on the top of the house.”

A pool on the top of the house, a patio in the heart of the architecture, a living-room like a balcony… a different way of life?

AA: “A very relaxing way of life for sure. When we are inside, we can see the children playing in the living-room from the kitchen through the patio and when we are around the pool, we can enjoy the view from the top. When we are in the living room, we can drink a beer on the sofa with amazing views of  the countryside… Yes, this house provides a relaxing life in a relaxing area. This is why people like Christian Louboutin, Philippe Stark and other international artists and designers also spend most of the year in this area. Just five minutes from here, on the beach at Praia do Pego, you can find a great restaurant like Sal, one of the most famous in Portugal! There is something special here, something that you can’t find anywhere else!”

Any comments?