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Conversation with Alexandra Lichtenberg

Do you want to celebrate and dance? Do you want to cook? Do you want to be pampered? Do you want to meet your new colleagues, imagine your next promotion… or anything else, for that matter? Nomads Apt was made to welcome creative people for any number of experiences, in a very special location built on the site of the former Berlin Wall. With a cinematographic view of the Berlin Wall Memorial, a large park in the city center that extends along the former border, it offers the possibility of escaping from reality. We met with owner Alexandra Lichtenberg to find out more about this exciting new collection of vacation home rentals in Berlin.

Alexandra Lichtenberg, can you explain your project? 

AL: “We opened Nomads Apt six months ago, after 18 months of reflection. We approached the design of all our apartments through the experience of life here. Our inspiration came from diverse experiences that we can offer. This is why each apartment has a special spirit and decoration.

“The blue one is made for the joy of cooking. You can have a food experience in there with a very well equipped, almost professional, kitchen. Because we want to welcome some of the best chefs in the world to Berlin. They are invited to stay here and cook for their special guests, with an amazing view of the former wall. The brown apartment is much more to celebrate and have a party. There is a dance floor that opens to reveal a king-size bed underneath it, a real bar, and the living room looks like a kind of club. You can listen to music with special lights all around and, of course, you have a closed bedroom too. It’s much more to celebrate and have fun with friends. The third apartment is pink. It’s a place where you can take care of your body, have a massage and other beauty treatments.

“Each of them has an amazing view of Berlin and the memorial. Each of them offers a very special experience. Each apartment can be rented for events like business meetings, weddings, anniversaries, commercial promotions, openings… Things like that. This is why each has its own ambiance.”

The blue apartment is a very special place. It feels like an aquarium, don’t you think?

AL: “Yes, it’s really true. I’m happy you said that because I love the ocean and dolphins, and it’s true, the ambiance here is almost aquatic. I can see what you mean and, you know, the color of the ocean is my favorite. It’s amazing because the front wall of our building is blue too… I have to say it’s like a bubble here, a kind of cocoon. Due to its special geographic location, a special mood is blowing through here. Outside it’s a memorial! So it’s a place of silence but at the same time with a lot of people and tourists. There is, in our building, a silence too, thanks to the design.

“When I’m in here, I’m very calm and a bit disconnected from outside. And especially on the weekend when so many people are around here. So you have a key to your own flat in a central area, you push the front door open, you cross a lobby with art pieces and you arrive here, in this bubble… in this aquarium. I tell you: this is very exclusive and emotional.”

So it’s also a place to work?

AL: “To think! We can host 10 people here in the most comfortable and friendly way. They can speak, share, write, cook…. And look at this large table. We can move it easily to organize a brainstorming meeting — before having a dinner around it. It’s a place where people can meet. This apartment is a quiet place open to reflexion and creativity, with a bunch of great facilities.”

This is why the lobby is a kind of art gallery, isn’t it?

AL: “I’m from Cologne but I’ve worked in Berlin for 20 years, and I work with many artists from Berlin. So we present some art pieces in the lobby of our building. If guests like those pieces, they can meet the artist and buy it. It’s a kind of additional exclusive service. When you come from outside, you walk through a private exhibition in the lobby of your building. It’s like a step, a decompression room, before you arrive in your apartment. It’s relaxing and very zen.”

Alexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra LichtenbergAlexandra Lichtenberg


To stay in one of Alexandra Lichtenberg’s three Berlin apartments, visit them here.

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