Closet Secrets

We love seeing all the unique details our BH owners add to their properties. CasaCau Master Apartment in Rome, Italy,  a cool top-floor apartment located in a 17th-century mansion in central Rome, is no exception and it even had an extra surprise in store for us.

When you walk into the bedroom, you will notice simple, clean lines, a neutral color palette and vintage furniture… but look a little closer… behind those doors… the closet holds a Secret.

Created by the design studio of NORA P + P PROJECTS, this Italian style, simple closet was the perfect hideout for a great reveal. When you open it, you will find a colorful bucolic scene with a little fairy tale resemblance. Made by Eleonora Pastore the elegant peacock makes its grand appearance from the back of the closet, and enlightens the atmosphere.

closet_secrets_1 closet_secrets_2

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